VIP SPEAKER: Balanced Living in a Busy Life

25 Nov 2016
20:30 - 21:30
Waianbah Room

VIP SPEAKER: Balanced Living in a Busy Life

Simone Baldwin is a wine expert, plant-based chef and a No. 1 Best-Selling Author.

Simone promotes a healthy lifestyle without labels or restrictions and her Melbourne based company, Healthy, Gorgeous & Tipsy, coaches people around the pleasures and benefits of incorporating a lighter and more energy sustaining approach to eating and drinking.

Her extensive wine knowledge coupled with her passion for balanced living and a busy, modern lifestyle invites you to flirt with plant-based cuisine while also celebrating an energetic lifestyle of fine wine and feeling vibrant without the dogma or all or nothing approach associated with so many diets.

Her mantra is great health is a choice, love the skin you’re in and darling, there is always room for some tipsy time and fun.